Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grief: it's whats for dinner!

You are what you eat. Growing up you heard this time and time again, usually as a way to get you to eat better. What does that really mean? Well simply put if you eat healthy you will be healthy. We know that if we eat fatty foods we will gain weight, too much sugar could lead to diabetes, artificial stimulants disrupute our thought process, so why would we eat meat that is tortured, sickly, or raised in it's own filth?
Factory farming is not only cruel to animals, it is destructive to the enviroment and to our health. These animals are packed tightly together, in some instances unable to move, fattened, given antibiotics to prevent disease, live in filthy conditions(their own filth, feces, and the bugs that feed on it) and are often slaughtered in cruel ways. It also takes a toll on decent, hard working folks- from the family farms that it displaces to the people who are forced to work under these conditions. The Socially Responsible Agricultural Project has a website with links to various articles on the effects of factory farming here: http://www.sraproject.org/factoryfarms/issues/health/threats/
Now, all this being said the question is "what can I do about it?" At the present time we are trying to get an amendment to the Ohio Constitution which would require the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board to establish minimum humane standards for certain farm animals within six years after adoption of the amendment. If you would like to know more about this amendment, would like to sign the petition, or would like to get copies of the petition so you can do more you can contact us at Daytontribe@yahoo.com and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. This is only the first step in this struggle, and together we can make sure it's not the last.

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