Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who we are:

Guiding Principles

This day and age people are looking to belong more then ever. We have lost any real connection to each other so we tend to externalize ourselves more and more. Whether it's through politics, nationality, religion, sexuality, or even the music we listen to and our favorite sports teams, we seek to be a part of something greater. Yet no matter how vocal we are in our "beliefs" and "values" we just wind up isolating ourselves more and more. This is because these things are unnatural constructs, designed by us to define who we are.
We as Tribal Anarchist believe that the only way we can really connect to each other as human beings is through The Tribe, a completely organic entity. Our Ancestors knew this and it comes across in their views on the innangard and the utangard, the innangard being the tribe and the greater community of the folk.
Many people today don't understand what an anarchist is, they tend to think of it as an individual who seeks to achieve chaos and destruction of the social structure. Ernst Junger described anarch as a metaphysical ideal figure of a sovereign individual, and this is how we define the word. The Anarch is to the Anarchist as the Monarch is to the Monarchist.

Now I will attempt to explain my beliefs as a Tribal Anarchist:
  • Every ethnicity has the right to exist and maintain their people without intervention from outside forces, this includes people of European descent. In this modern day and age many people will attack this belief as racist, but this is just not so. It is good to have pride in yourself and your people and you should want to see your kin get ahead in life. This is socially acceptable and promoted amongst all "minority" groups, but is discouraged amongst Europeans.
  • A strong family structure is the key to our survival as a people, for without the joining together of man and woman there is no future for our people. Again naysayers would attack this as being homophobic, but I find this ludicrous. I have absolutely no problem with what you do in your bedroom, as long as you don't push that on me.
  • In his essay "The Idea of Integral Culture" Dr. Stephen Flowers proposed that there are four essential, identifiable categories that encompass culture(Tyr vol. 1), one of these is ethical. Amongst the things that this encompasses is religion. Spiritual strength is key to a healthy existence, and sound religious beliefs is necessary for true spiritual strength. I find spiritual strength in the way of my Ancestors, what I call the Folkway. This goes by many different names, including Asatru, Germanic Heathenism, Forn Sed, and Paganism. However, again, I do not discriminate, and there are those amongst us who follow christian gods, as well as other forms of spirituality.
  • We hold mother earth near and dear to our hearts. We see in this modern world a complete lack of respect for nature, and the natural way of things. This manifests itself in toxic waste, pollution, littering, lack of desire to conserve energy, and an all around apathetic view towards the world around us. We ARE NOT above or separate from this earth, and as we kill it so we kill ourselves.
  • Last, but certainly not least, we find our truest enemies in The Powers That Be. The bureaucrats in control have installed themselves as the new religions, they have taken on the powers of royalty. We seek to limit their powers to control us and meddle in our lives. We are anti-statist, anti-capitalist, anti-totalitarianism, and anti-imperialist. We oppose marxism, socialism, and nazism as well as any other form of government that seeks to control the people for it's own benefit. We are advocates of decentralization, the smaller the better. We are beyond Left or Right, we are Third Position. We don't wish to impose our way on others, and we don't want them imposing theirs on us.
These are just a few of many beliefs and values we hold dear, but they are important ones. We would like to create small, autonomous societies, relying on our own hard work and determination to build a better future for our folk, and we think that everyone else should do the same. Even if we don't always hold the same views as other communities like ours we are more then willing to work with them towards a greater good, whether they are our next door neighbors or the free people of Tibet. We look to the past, the way of our Ancestors, to create a better future for our children.

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