Sunday, May 2, 2010

So it begins...

Tribal Anarchism:
The future, from the past

In this day and age we are no longer people. We are nameless, faceless consumers who are here for the benefit of the corporate machine. The only value we have is in the amount of money we can make the powers that be. We go through life doing one meaningless thing after another, action for the sake of action. We are constantly in contact with others, but have never been more alone. We drudge through this meaningless existence, performing one motion after another, never really doing anything. We drug ourselves with fatty foods, fracture our minds with artificial stimulants, preoccupying ourselves with mindless "entertainment". We are never really happy, and most of us can't understand why. This has manifested itself in many forms: Dis-ease, addiction, and mental illness, just to name a few. There are those, however, who do see the problem, yet feel powerless to stop it. "What can we do against The Behemoth?" "How can I make a difference?" Often this Awakening will only make things worse. We are only a grain of sand, a speck, a particle; How can we be expected to stop the machine? Those who do dare to stand up and speak out face ridicule, or worse, and often fall back into old habits. However there are those with the moral fortitude to press on DESPITE the overwhelming odds, we have not forgotten the face of our Ancestors. We go by many names, one of which is Tribal Anarchists.

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